The Bear Cave Sagas

 the Bear Cave Sagas - Dare to Journey - the Rewards are Great

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  This new e-book for Kindle and other e-readers is a four part saga that brings you to, inside, away and beyond the crucible of the Bear Cave. 



The Bear Cave 

A novel of 400 pages

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In the Bear Cave

A novel of 384 Pages

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Escape From the Bear Cave

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Beyond the Bear Cave 

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Summary -  The Bear Cave -  Book One

 An adventure of ordinary people coming to grips with the realities engulfing them. A story forged in the blast furnace heat of the canyons of post soviet Afghanistan.  The tale begins at its explosive center.  Set in a small southern New Jersey town, it spins among the murky depths of a military ordinance dump site, cruises through the posh neighborhoods of Washington DC then slams into the concrete realities within the tenements of the Bronx.

  Afghan Warlords hunt down soldiers of fortune hoarding stolen tribal gold.  Corrupt CIA and KGB agents plot to topple governments as they trade in soviet era nuclear weapons.  A burned out detective is baffled when his town becomes the center of murder and international intrigue.  FBI agents fend off their corrupt bosses.  The Bear Cave takes you to the jump point - don't miss it. 

Summary - In The Bear Cave - Book Two

A story of cops, robbers and corrupt officials bent on restoring Pax Americana. Set in a small New Jersey town, it walks the ancient Silk Road, horse packs the mountains of Afghanistan, dives in crystal waters of Bonaire, flies to pristine lakes of Northern Quebec, and motors posh neighborhoods of Washington DC.

A disgraced FBI Agent seeks justice, confronts an Afghan Warlord, stymies her corrupt bosses only to discover that the truth does not set her free.

In the Bear Cave is the second in a four part saga of personal journeys that keeps you intent to discover rest of the story.  

Summary  - Escape from the bear cave - Book Three

A story of smugglers and corrupt officials bent on restoring the Great
American Century.

Set in a small New Jersey town, it follows an undercover government agent working with the local police unraveling the mystery surrounding arson, murder and cover

Escape from the Bear Cave is the third in a four part saga of personal
journeys that keeps you intent to discover rest of the story.

Summary -  Beyond the Bear Cave

The final book in the Bear Cave Saga. From the death camps on Eastern Front comes the sins of the fathers that must be reconciled. The tale takes you from the Boundary Waters of Minnesota to the Bay of Chaleur into the mystery of Dragon Boating, the ways of the Tongs of Philadelphia and buried in the Pine Barrens of South Jersey. Join the fans of the Saga. The rewards are great.

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The Bear Cave Saga is a continuing tale of ordinary folks seeking redemption in extraordinary times.  Each of us face the dangers and challenges on the journey to become who we think we should be.  The Bear Cave Saga chronicles the adventure in thrilling mystery fiction that keeps the pages turning while you hold on to the edge of your seat.


Look for the New Book

-  Forlorn  June 2014 

a tale of Dragon Boating in Hungary


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  The future is now - the rewards are great.